Apartment Loan Application

Apartment Loan Application

Concerning the property, tell us:

Are there any abated taxes?

Are taxes fully assessed at this time?

Are there any regulatory or deed restrictions concerning the property?

Concerning the improvements, the site & who lives there:

E-Mail us photos of the property (5 min. to info@ausburnadvisors.com)

What percentage of the units are leased to:

Is the property Mixed-use?

Is this a Mobile Home Park?

Are the park roads paved?

If this is a refinance:

Can this loan be prepaid?

If this is a purchase:

Is there a financing contingency beyond this date?

Concerning the borrower:

Is the borrower a single asset entity?

If no, can it become one?

Concerning the Management:

Concerning the loan you want us to give you:

Tell us what terms you would like:


Concerning the terms of your loan, priortize the following in order of importance to you:

No Urgency

Contact Information: